Who We Are

The GIST Cancer Awareness Foundation is an all volunteer group of patients and caregivers who have developed the organization and this website as a vehicle for the GIST community to have access to information based on real life experiences.

Our purpose is to provide a general guideline on possible paths and options for the GIST patient and their families in terms of care and treatment.

There is a strong need for increased public awareness of GIST and this Foundation is committed to spreading the word through the use of various media tools.

Finally, the Foundation will organize various fundraising initiatives for the purpose of providing monetary awards for GIST research as well as other critical community support needs.



Barbara Livermore
Dorothy McBride
Brian McBride

Science Advisor
Dr. William Tap

Patient Advocates
Aubrey Koonce, RN
Malorie McBride, BSN, RN

Education Advisors
Dr. Dan Lopez
Dr. Damen Lopez
Melissa Bertuccio, MA, Ed.S

Public Relations/Communications Coordinator
Lenore Slater

Chief Information Officer
Brian Leon McBride

Technical Advisor
Steve Livermore

Carbonella & Company,LLP



The GIST Cancer Awareness Foundation is an all volunteer organization and there is no compensation paid to anyone connected with the group. GCAF is a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) organization.

GCAF believes in full disclosure and transparency of fundraising initiatives; donations; and programs. All aspects of the organization’s finances, operations, and programs are always open to inspection.

97% of the funds we collect go directly to our grant award programs.

GCAF does not have any fixed overhead costs.

The organization adheres to all federal and state regulations; timely submission of reporting documents; and clear accounting methods and record keeping.

Please feel free to contact us for a copy of GCAF’s 501(c)(3) application, tax returns or governing policies

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